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Which skateboard do I need?

That depends on what you want to do with it. Do you want to make long tours, just ride around town or do you want to practice tricks at the skatepark? Depending on your preferences, you'll select a specific type of skateboard.

We can distinguish three kinds of skateboards.


Skateboards are used by skaters like Nyjah Huston and Leticia Bufoni to practice technical skate tricks. They are mainly used in the skate park as well as on the street.

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These long and wide boards offer more stability at high speeds. Thanks to the big and soft wheels, they are suitable for comfortably covering long distances.

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Cruisers are also equipped with soft and big wheels. Just like with longboards, you need to push less to reach and maintain your speed. Their compact size makes them more manoeuvrable and easy to take with you.

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Skateboard Deck

Chances are you're going to choose a standard skateboard. Then it all starts with the deck. This is the basis of your skateboard set-up. It is important to choose the right width width. The widths are always mentioned in inches and vary from 7.25" to 10.25".

To make a good choice, it's best to take two things into account. First, your physical characteristics such as age, height, weight and your shoe size play a role. If we advise you, we also look at your skate experience and style.

For children and young skaters we have a handy size chart drawn up. This way you can see at a glance what width your skateboard needs to be. You can find it here.

Are you a bit older and looking for the perfect skateboard? Also available for adults we have an indicative size chart. We base ourselves mainly on body length and shoe size. The bigger your feet, the wider your skateboard. With a size 46 you are probably more stable on an 8.6" instead of an 8.0". Make no mistake, an eighth of an inch is a world of difference under your feet.

Please note! These are just recommendations. This doesn't mean that as a beginner you shouldn't ride a wide skateboard. Or if you're an adult you can't skate with a narrow skateboard. There are no rules about skateboarding. Make sure you're comfortable on your board and above all have fun!

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Skateboard parts

Your complete skateboard set-up consists of different components. It's important that everything is in proportion to each other. Most components have different types and sizes. Before you randomly put together a skateboard, it's best to look at all the specifications. For example, when you buy a 9" skateboard deck, you shouldn't buy trucks with a 7.5" width, or vice versa. To put together a complete skateboard, you'll need at least these six parts.

Skate Skateboarding Skateboards Stoked Boardshop Onderdelen van een skateboard Deck Trucks Kogellagers Grip tape Wielen Vijsjes Tools

1. Skateboard Deck

This is the wooden board of your skateboard and is often made of 7 layers of pressed maple wood. It is the foundation of your set-up and provides good feel and riding comfort. Decks come in different sizes and shapes. If you don't know what size you need, you can use our size chart below.

2. Skateboard Trucks

The trucks are made of metal, you need two of them to skate. They allow you to steer and grind on curbs and rails. They come in different types and sizes. It is recommended to match the width of your axles to your board. Here you can read all about the specifications. Check out the collection trucks.

3. Ball bearings

The Bearings are the connection between your wheels and your trucks. Each wheel needs two of these. They make sure your wheel will turn, you can make speed and maintain speed. All skate bearings have a standard size and fit all wheels. See the collection bearings.

4. Griptape

The griptape is attached to the top of your skateboard. They prevent your board from sliding when you steer or do a trick. Depending on the width of your skateboard, you can choose a 9" or 10" griptape. View the griptape collection.

5. Skateboard wheels

The wheels griptapes of a skateboard are made of polyurethane and come in sets of four. Depending on the use, the surface and your skate style, you choose wheels with a different griptape. shape, size and hardness. In this article we go deeper into the specifications. Check out the collection of wheels.

6. Hardware

These are the screws These are the hardware that attaches both trucks to your skateboard. The hardware can differ in type, colour and length. See the collection hardware.

7. Accessories

There are also a number of optional parts you can add to your skateboard like riser pads and rails. Check out the skateboard accessories.

Skate Skateboarding Skateboards Stoked Boardshop Onderdelen van een skateboard Deck Trucks Kogellagers Grip tape Wielen Vijsjes Tools

Create a skateboard

At Stoked, you can put together a skateboard for as little as 125 euros. You can choose whether we assemble it for you or not.

When putting together a skateboard, it's best to take the measurements of all parts into account. It's important that everything is well tuned.

Everything starts with the size of your skateboard. Don't have a clue what size skateboard you need? No problem at all, below we've got a suggestive size chart for young and old. These give a nice guideline for the beginning skater.

We're also happy to help you select other components. For this we have created a general size chart. At a glance you can see what width of trucks, wheels and sprockets you need.

Note: The width of the trucks is measured in inches. Manufacturers use different sizes. Therefore it is useful to consult the specific truck size table.

Deck Width




Ball bearings


No Risers

With Risers

6.2" - 7.4"



40mm - 51mm


7/8" - 1"

1” – ¼”

7.5" - 7.75



51mm - 52mm


7/8" - 1"

1” – ¼”

7.875" - 8.125"



52mm - 54mm


7/8" - 1"

1” – ¼”

8.0" - 8.25"



52mm - 55mm


7/8" - 1"

1” – ¼”

8.375" - 8.675"



53mm - 56mm


7/8" - 1"

1” – ¼”

8.75" – 9.0"



54mm - 59mm


7/8" - 1"

1” – ¼”

8.9" - 9.5"



56mm - 60mm


7/8" - 1"

1” – ½”

9.5" - 10.5”



60mm - 65mm


7/8" - 1"

1” – ½”

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Complete skateboard or compose one yourself?

As a beginner it's often easy and economical to choose for A complete skateboard choose for. You get all the parts in one complete package, which keeps the price down. They're cheap and ready to use.

At Stoked, you can buy complete skateboards from quality brands like Almost, Stoked, Birdhouse and Santa Cruz. This way, you're guaranteed a first skateboard that meets your expectations.

  • Stoked is budget friendly and suitable for all beginners.
  • All parts are 100% compatible
  • Quality material and ready-to-go.

Curious about our collection? Discover them here.

Want more freedom of choice? We'll gladly advise you on how to build your skateboard. Go to our Skateboard Builder.

Size does matter.

At first glance, many skateboards look the same, but nothing could be further from the truth. The length is always related to the width of your skateboard. Narrower boards are often smaller than wider decks. You don't have to worry about the length.

It's mainly the width that can vary and also has an impact on your style. style. The most common sizes purchased are between 8.0" and 8.25". These are ideal for discovering skateboarding. But what are the technical differences?

Your style influences the width of your skateboard:

  • Mainly technical skating > 7.50"- 8.125".
  • Mainly transition skating > 8.5"- 10.25".
  • Both technical and transition skating > 8.00"- 8.62"

Narrow Skateboards

Wide Skateboards

Better suited for technical tricks

More suitable for ramps and airs.

Flips faster and easier

Extra space on your board for landing

Lighter board for higher ollies

More stable at high speeds

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What shape does my skateboard need?

The shape mainly depends on the style and preferences of the skater. At Stoked, we distinguish two types of shapes in the skateboard category.

Popsicle Shape

In this shape, the front and back have almost the same shape. Both the nose and the nose and the tail are completely bent. This type is the most common. They are therefore very suitable for technical tricks. The nose is usually wider and less steep than the tail, but this depends on the manufacturer. Also within the popsicle shapes there are different models. These differences are minimal but can have an impact on experienced skaters.

Shaped decks

Skaters who like to skate in a bowl or on big ramps often prefer a pool or fun shape. These boards are extra wide with sometimes a slight narrowing of the tail. The advantage of the shape is that you have plenty of room for your feet. This improves both stability and landing. They are a lot heavier so you will need more power to get them in the air.

What is concave and what is it for?

A good skateboard is never completely flat. The board has a curve in its length, which is the concave of your skateboard. The more concave you have, the easier it is to put pressure on the edges of your board. This mainly affects steering and how the deck flips. Depending on the manufacturer, there are skateboards with a low, medium or high concave.

Low Concave

High Concave

More stability when riding

More manoeuvrability when steering

Less manoeuvrability when steering

Less stability when riding.

Deck flips slower

Deck flips faster

If you don't know what concave you prefer, you can always opt for a
medium concave. This is a good intermediate size to balance stability and handling.

Skate Skateboarding Skateboards Stoked Boardshop Onderdelen van een skateboard Deck Trucks Kogellagers Grip tape Wielen Vijsjes Tools

Which griptape do I choose?

The griptape gives you more grip on your board. It prevents you from sliding off your board when you turn or want to do a trick. The rougher the tape, the more grip you have.. When practicing an ollie, your board will stick better to your feet when you have a griptape with a rougher grain. But then you get ollie holes in your shoes faster. The most popular brands are Mob, Grizzly, Shake Junt and Stoked. Each brand has its own structure and coarseness of grain.

Because tastes differ, choosing a concave griptape especially a personal preference. You can choose between plain black griptapes (black), clear griptapes or graphic designs. Depending on the width of your skateboard you can choose a 9" or 10" grip. Choose your favorite grip tape.

Still got questions?

Still don't know which one to choose? Or do you have additional questions? Let us know via chat, phone or mail and we'll be happy to help.

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