Buy Snowboard bindings.
Looking for a snowboard binding? A real online snowboard shop like Stoked Boardshop is your best choice. We practice all the sports we sell. That way, you'll always get the right advice in our shop and in our online snowboard shop.

Choosing snowboard bindings.
Not sure which binding is the right one for your snowboard? Don't worry, we'll show you. We will help you choose the right binding for your snowboard and for the discipline and style you prefer. When choosing bindings, you should also pay attention to the stiffness of your snowboard and boots. As the snowboard shop by and for boarders, we know exactly which bindings are best for you and we're happy to answer any questions you might have.

Snowboard binding types.
By far the best binding system are soft bindings with toe and heel straps. These straps give you a direct contact with your board and the power you deliver is optimally transferred. That's why we only sell these types of bindings.

  • Soft Flex bindings: Are you a beginner or intermediate rider and do you like to keep it budget-friendly? In this case, you need a binding which is more flexible. They are forgiving and are perfect for hitting the slopes at a cool price.
  • Medium Flex bindings: Do you like to go fast on and off the slopes, ride jumps, rails and boxes in the snowpark and do you want to enjoy direct power transmission? Then a medium flex snowboard binding is your best choice. These are often in the higher segment. This is the most all-round binding we have in stock at Stoked Boardshop.
  • Stiff flex bindings: Hiking sessions and early lift every day to get the first track in the deep snow? No doubt about it. You need a stiffer Flex snowboard binding. These bindings have a very direct power transfer and are specially developed for backcountry and powder riding. Extra stiff for optimal support.
Snowboard binding brands.
In our online snowboard shop, we only stock brands that we, as boarders ourselves, are satisfied with. Snowboard binding brands that are owned by snowboarders. For example, all snowboard binding brands like Bent Metal, Union and Switchback were tested and approved by our Stoked sponsored snowboarders. These brands are in stark contrast to the cheap snowboard bindings found in sports shops that break very quickly, are slow to respond and uncontrollable. So choose for a real snowboard binding brand, so you can enjoy your favorite sport and learn.

Service for and by boarders.
Besides specific advice and quality material at a cool price, we also offer you a top service. We mount your bindings according to your wishes and give you advice about your stance, degrees and how wide you should stand on your snowboard.