Skateboard Bushings

Skateboard bushings zijn een onderdeel van je skateboard trucks. Goede skate bushings maken je skateboard wendbaar en zorgen voor de nodige boardcontrole tijdens het sturen. Hier vind je skateboard en longboard bushings in verschillende vormen en hardheden. In onze Buyers Guide geven we je graag alle nodige tips. More info
Skateboard Bushings

Choosing Bushings.

You can find your favorite skateboard bushings of the top skate brands with accompanying advice in the Stoked Store or in our online skate shop. For the best result, tune your choice of bushings to a number of important elements. Choose your bushings according to your weight and personal preference.

Selecting the right durometer:
The hardness of your bushings is shown with a durometer value. This value indicates how hard or soft the bushings are. Harder bushings will make your trucks move slower and provide more stability at higher speeds. The softer bushings make your trucks move and turn easier. But your weight also plays a role, as a heavier skater you better go for harder bushings versus softer bushings for the finer skaters.

78A Super Soft
88A Soft
90A Medium
94A Hard
96A Super Hard

Brands Skateboard Bushings:
If you are ready for a custom set of bushings and want to give your skateboard trucks a solid upgrade, check out the Independent Skateboard bushings & the Bones Bushings . These are the 2 most sold bushings brands in our shop & online shop. Of course a lot of riders who ride Thunder trucks choose the Thunder Bushings & there are certainly fans of the well known Shorty's Doh-Doh's

Features of bushings
Just like the rest of your skate setup, your bushings will wear out. After a while, they can become too soft and deformed. This means you no longer get the expected performance from your skate bushings. This while they are crucial for the control of your skateboard. Per truck you always need two bushings, a top and bottom bushing, but also two cup washers. Usually these are included in a complete set. Bushings determine how easy you can turn and how much stability you have.

Different kinds of bushings

There are different types of bushings. The three most common types are cylindrical, conical and double cylindrical bushings.

  • Cylindrical bushings
    The cylindrical bushings are the most frequently used bushings by skaters. These shapes are most often supplied with skateboard trucks. That's why they are called standard bushings. The cylindrical bushings set consists of 2 conical and 2 cylindrical bushings. The conical bushings give you more control when turning your skateboard and the lower cylindrical bushings provide extra stability.
  • Conical bushings
    The conical bushings are ideal for turning and carving. This is why they are mostly used for cruisers and longboards. This set, consisting of 4 conical bushings, enables you to turn your board further than cylindrical bushings. Because of the smaller surface area of this shape you also have less stability, but it makes it easier and cleaner to carve with your board. Also great for skaters who like a smooth and groovy feel.
  • Double Cylindrical Bushings
    The double cylindrical bushings are an absolute must for the die hard downhillers and speed maniacs. These bushings give a lot of stability, which is especially needed when you ride at high speeds. These bushings are absolutely not suitable for park or street skating.