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Are you looking for inspiration for the perfect festival outfit that takes your streetwear style to the next level? At Stoked we have the style tips and inspiration you need to put together your ideal festival look. Whether you're going for an urban cool vibe , a sporty and comfortable look , a retro revival or a bold street style statement - we've got the streetwear essentials you need to shine on the festival grounds. Discover our festival types for 2024 below and get inspired to put together your ultimate festival outfit.

Street Style Statement

Experiment with Prints and Colors

Festivals are the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone and experiment with prints and colours. Go for a striking Hawaiian shirt with a bold print and combine it with a pair of jeans in a contrasting color. Complete the look with some accessories, such as a striking cap and sunnies . With this street style statement you show that you are fashion-forward and that you are not afraid to stand out.

Urban Cool

Mix and Match Streetwear Essentials

For an urban cool festival look you can mix and match different streetwear essentials. Think comfortable baggy jeans with an oversized T-shirt with a striking print. Add a pair of awesome sneakers to complete the look. Accessories such as a snapback and cool sunglasses give your outfit extra street credibility.

Sporty and Comfortable

Athleisure meets Festival vibes

If you like a sporty and comfortable style , the athleisure look is perfect for festivals. Go for a pair of joggers in combination with a casual hoodie or sweatshirt with a striking logo. Don't forget to bring a practical backpack to store all your festival essentials. This look is perfect for days of dancing and fun, without compromising on your style.

Retro Revival

Vintage Vibes for Festival Goers

The retro look is back in style and offers a great opportunity to create a unique festival outfit. Go for a T-shirt with a vintage print in combination with jeans shorts . Choose colorful sneakers or classic slip-ons to complete your outfit. Don't forget to add some retro accessories, such as cool sunglasses with a vintage frame or an embroidered cap. With this retro look, you're all set to breathe new life into the festival vibes of the past.

Stoked Essentials

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