Shakedown Foundation 34 Arbor

Shakedown Foundation 34" Complete Cruiser

€219.95 New
Super Chief Postcard 36 Landyachtz

Super Chief Postcard 36" Complete Cruiser

€198.95 New
Dinghy Shape 9 Chartreuse 28.5 Landyachtz

Dinghy Shape 9 Chartreuse 28.5" Complete Cruiser

€188.95 New
Dinghy Hibiscus 29 Landyachtz

Dinghy Hibiscus 29" Complete Cruiser

€188.95 New
Dinghy Blunt Wild Cats 28.5 Landyachtz

Dinghy Blunt Wild Cats 28.5" Complete Cruiser

€188.95 New
Bird Bolt Teal Unit 25 Dusters

Bird Bolt Teal Unit 25" Complete Cruiser

€134.95 New
Beach Cruiser Jungle Army Unit 29 Dusters

Beach Cruiser Jungle Army Unit 29" Complete Cruiser

€139.95 New
Dinghy Coffin Kitty 28 Landyachtz

Dinghy Coffin Kitty 28" Cruiser

Street Skate Street 29 Santa Cruz

Street Skate Street 29" Light Beige/Brown Complete Cruiser

Iridescent Dot Shark 27.7 Santa Cruz

Iridescent Dot Shark 27.7" Black/Blue/Multi Complete Cruiser

Dinghy Crown Peak 28.5 Landyachtz

Dinghy Crown Peak 28.5" Cruiser

Solstice B4BC Cucharon 28.5 Arbor

Solstice B4BC Cucharon 28.5" Cruiser

Solstice B4BC Pilsner 29 Arbor

Solstice B4BC Pilsner 29" Cruiser

Moto Roses 37 Dusters

Moto Roses 37" Longboard

Inu Camo 37 Dusters

Inu Camo 37" Longboard

Flashback Checker Tie Dye 31.1 Dusters

Flashback Checker Tie Dye 31.1" Cruiser

Stardust Black 31 Dusters

Stardust Black 31" Cruiser

Tropic Cruiser Pink 29 Dusters

Tropic Cruiser Pink 29" Cruiser

Holographic Cazh Cosmic 29.5 Dusters

Holographic Cazh Cosmic 29.5" Cruiser

Mini Ripper Blue 59mm 80a 7.5 Powell Peralta

Mini Ripper Blue 59mm 80a 7.5" Complete Cruiser

Nuke 9.375 Cruzade

Nuke 9.375" Complete Cruiser

Holy Shit 9.0 Cruzade

Holy Shit 9.0" Complete Cruiser

Iridescent Hand Shaped Cruzer 31.7 Santa Cruz

Iridescent Hand Shaped Cruzer 31.7" Red Complete Cruiser

Iridescent Dot Pintail 33 Santa Cruz

Iridescent Dot Pintail 33" Black/Multicolored Complete Cruiser

Rad Dot Shark 27.7 Santa Cruz

Rad Dot Shark 27.7" Neon Green/Black Complete Cruiser

Street Skate Multi Street 29.05 Santa Cruz

Street Skate Multi Street 29.05" Complete Cruiser

Uproar 8.25 Jart

Uproar 8.25" Full Cruiser

Party Blue Metallic logo 24 Madrid

Party Blue Metallic logo 24" Complete Cruiser

Flame Hand Mini 80's black-yellow Cruzer Complete Skateboard 8.39 Santa Cruz

Flame Hand Mini 80's black-yellow Cruzer Complete Skateboard 8.39"

OBrien Reaper Mini 80's black-grey Cruzer Complete Skateboard 8.34 Santa Cruz

OBrien Reaper Mini 80's black-grey Cruzer Complete Skateboard 8.34"

Bird krypto Dusters

Bird krypto



Cruiser skateboards are made to ride through the streets very smoothly. They are right in between skateboards and longboards and look almost identically like the first skateboards ever produced. With a cruiser, you can easily traverse rougher terrain without losing any chill. Because of the size, popping is still very much an option. So don't let those nasty curbs stop you on your ride. 

Choosing a cruiser.

Are you overwhelmed by our massive choice of Cruisers? No worries, we will guide you all the way. We will help you to find the right cruiser match for your needs, discipline and style. A Wide cruiser with a bent nose and tail also hold it's own in a bowl. A smaller, flatter and lighter cruiser is more attuned to the original feel of skating of the early days. One thing is certain, we have all the advice and cruisers you will ever need. Our slogan and motto is "For boarders, by boarders", and we really take it to heart. Thanks to our extensive knowledge, sponsorships and partnerships, we are able to provide you with the best advice and cruiser deck for you. Do not hesitate to ask any questions if need be.

Complete cruiser of samenstellen.
Almost all experienced skaters who cruise assemble and/or put together their own cruiser setup. Individual components could wear out sooner than others, so once you have a full set. You are able to mix and match loose parts. Beginning skaters are better off with a complete cruiser. These boards are factory made and assembled in advance. The shorter supply chain also means that complete skateboards are cheaper, especially for beginners.

Cruiser brands.
Because of the multitude of brands, it's often hard to see the woods through the trees. This is why we only sell brands and products we love to use ourselves. All cruisers you see in any of our shops were tested and approved by ourselves and/or our Stoked sponsored skateboarders. This is why we choose brands like Krooked, Santa Cruz, Dusters, just to name a few, over the cheap knock off cruisers you might find at cheap toy stores. These cheap models are often hard to handle and sometimes dangerous for novice and young skaters. They are often hard to maintain and have no spare parts. Which means in the long run, they end up costing you more. So our advice is, choose a real solid cruiser brand, this way you can learn and have fun at the same time.

Service for and by boarders.
Next to our expert opinion, advice and quality goods offered at chill prices. We proudly present and uphold a high standard of service. We help you to construct and assemble your cruiser in advance, before shipping. Though some prefer to do it themselves, we provide a full free assembly service if you don't want to or don't know how. So if you don't know where to put the trucks, wheels and bearings? Then don't hesitate to contact us. We advice you, gather it, assemble it, ship it and are still there for you and any advice you may need after sales. This is our service.