Cruiser skateboards zijn gemaakt om supersmooth door de straten te skaten. Ze zitten tussen skateboards en longboards in en lijken nog het meest op de skateboards van de 80’s. Met een cruiser mag de grond al eens wat ruwer zijn, je chillt er gewoon over. En omdat je er ook mee kan poppen houdt geen enkele stoeprand je nog tegen.... More info

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Hula Walnut 29 Dusters

Hula Walnut 29" Complete Cruiser

Bird Bolt Yellow 25 Dusters

Bird Bolt Yellow 25" Complete Cruiser

Decoder Wave Pintail Blue 33 Santa Cruz

Decoder Wave Pintail Blue 33" Complete Cruiser

Decorder Hand Black 32.26 Santa Cruz

Decorder Hand Black 32.26" Complete Cruiser

Flier Collage Dot Black/Green 27.7 Santa Cruz

Flier Collage Dot Black/Green 27.7" Complete Cruiser

Prismatic Dot Blue/Pink 27.7 Santa Cruz

Prismatic Dot Blue/Pink 27.7" Complete Cruiser

Rasta Tie Dye 29.05 Santa Cruz

Rasta Tie Dye 29.05" Complete Cruiser

Flyer Collage Black 29.4 Santa Cruz

Flyer Collage Black 29.4" Complete Cruiser

Rainbow Tie Dye Street Cruzer 29.05 Santa Cruz

Rainbow Tie Dye Street Cruzer 29.05" Complete Cruiser

Obscure Dot Pintail Multicolored 33 Santa Cruz

Obscure Dot Pintail Multicolored 33" Complete Cruiser

Kimbel See See White 30.75 Creature

Kimbel See See White 30.75" Complete Cruiser

Desert Souls Rust 29.5 Dusters

Desert Souls Rust 29.5" Complete Cruiser

Fungi Pink/Green 29.5 Dusters

Fungi Pink/Green 29.5" Complete Cruiser

Keen Retro Fades 31 Dusters

Keen Retro Fades 31" Complete Cruiser

Holographic Cazh Cosmic Blue 29.5 Dusters

Holographic Cazh Cosmic Blue 29.5" Complete Cruiser

Cobra Cruiser Yellow 29.5 Dusters

Cobra Cruiser Yellow 29.5" Complete Cruiser

Felix Flashback Yellow/White 28 Dusters

Felix Flashback Yellow/White 28" Complete Cruiser

Serape Dot Pintail 33 Santa Cruz

Serape Dot Pintail 33" Complete Cruiser

Toxic Dot Pintail 33 Santa Cruz

Toxic Dot Pintail 33" Complete Cruiser

Classic Wave Splice 27.7 Santa Cruz

Classic Wave Splice 27.7" Complete Cruiser

Amoeba Street Skate 29.4 Santa Cruz

Amoeba Street Skate 29.4" Complete Cruiser

Phase Dot Shaped 9.51 Santa Cruz

Phase Dot Shaped 9.51" Complete Cruiser

Super Chief Postcard 36 Landyachtz

Super Chief Postcard 36" Complete Cruiser

Bird Bolt Teal Unit 25 Dusters

Bird Bolt Teal Unit 25" Complete Cruiser

Beach Cruiser Jungle Army Unit 29 Dusters

Beach Cruiser Jungle Army Unit 29" Complete Cruiser

Iridescent Dot Shark 27.7 Santa Cruz

Iridescent Dot Shark 27.7" Black/Blue/Multi Complete Cruiser

Solstice B4BC Cucharon 28.5 Arbor

Solstice B4BC Cucharon 28.5" Cruiser

Moto Roses 37 Dusters

Moto Roses 37" Longboard

Inu Camo 37 Dusters

Inu Camo 37" Longboard

Flashback Checker Tie Dye 31.1 Dusters

Flashback Checker Tie Dye 31.1" Cruiser

Stardust Black 31 Dusters

Stardust Black 31" Cruiser

Keen Retro Frame Teal 31 (1) Dusters

Keen Retro Frame Teal 31" Cruiser

Holy Shit 9.0 Cruzade

Holy Shit 9.0" Complete Cruiser

Iridescent Hand Shaped Cruzer 31.7 Santa Cruz

Iridescent Hand Shaped Cruzer 31.7" Red Complete Cruiser

Iridescent Dot Pintail 33 (1) Santa Cruz

Iridescent Dot Pintail 33" Black/Multicolored Complete Cruiser

Rad Dot Shark 27.7 Santa Cruz

Rad Dot Shark 27.7" Neon Green/Black Complete Cruiser

Street Skate Multi Street 29.05 Santa Cruz

Street Skate Multi Street 29.05" Complete Cruiser

Classic Dot 80's 31 Santa Cruz

Classic Dot 80's 31" Complete Cruiser

Uproar 8.25 Jart

Uproar 8.25" Full Cruiser

Party Blue Metallic logo 24 Madrid

Party Blue Metallic logo 24" Complete Cruiser

Flame Hand Mini 80's black-yellow Cruzer Complete Skateboard 8.39 Santa Cruz

Flame Hand Mini 80's black-yellow Cruzer Complete Skateboard 8.39"

OBrien Reaper Mini 80's black-grey Cruzer Complete Skateboard 8.34 Santa Cruz

OBrien Reaper Mini 80's black-grey Cruzer Complete Skateboard 8.34"

Bird krypto Dusters

Bird krypto

Contra Distress Shaped Black/Blue 31.7 Santa Cruz

Contra Distress Shaped Black/Blue 31.7" Complete Cruiser

Cabana Dot Pintail Brown/Multi 33 Santa Cruz

Cabana Dot Pintail Brown/Multi 33" Complete Cruiser

Screaming Hand Purple 29.4 Santa Cruz

Screaming Hand Purple 29.4" Complete Cruiser


Cruiser skateboards are made to skate supersmooth through the streets. They are in place between skateboards and longboards and still seem the most on the very first skateboards that were ever made. With a cruiser, the soil can already be a bit rougher, you just chill about it. And because you can also doll with it, no curb is still encountered. Ride On!

Choose cruiser.
Are you at a first visit overwhelmed by the large selection of cruisers? No need, we will make you familiarize yourself. For example, we help you tune your cruiser to the driving style that you choose. With a wide cruiser with a curved Nose and tail you can also get started in the bowl. A narrow, flat and light cruiser gives you the original feel of skating in the Early Days. If the BoardShop front and through boarders we know exactly which Cruiser Board suits you and we all answer the questions you have.

Complete cruiser or assemble.
Starting riders may be better off with a complete cruiser. These boards are assembled by the factory in advance and have everything to start immediately. These complete cruisers also come out cheaper in terms of budget. Experienced riders then put together their own cruiser setup. Some parts are extinguished sooner than others. Once you have a full set, you can simply buy and (have) replace loose parts.

Cruiser brands.
Because of the many brands, sometimes you no longer see the forest through the trees. That is why we only distribute the brands in our online skateshop that we are satisfied as boarder. All brands of cruisers such as Arbor, Madrid, Santa Cruz, Dusters and more were tested and approved by our Stoked Sponsored Riders. These brands are in stark contrast to the cheap plastic cruisers from toy stores that break very quickly and have parts that are not replaceable and unmanageable. So choose a real skateboard brand so that you have fun of your favorite sport and can learn.

Service for and through boarders.
In addition to targeted advice and qualitative material to a chille price, you always get a top service from us. We fully assemble the different parts such as trucks, cruiser wheels and ball bearings that you buy at Stoked Boardshop. That is our service.