Skateboard Nuts & Bolts

Skateboard vijsjes, skateboard bolts of skateboard hardware. Je kiest hoe je ze noemt. Hardware dient om je skateboard trucks aan je deck vast te maken. Ook bij veel vibraties & skategeweld blijven ze goed vast zitten. Bij het selecteren van de juiste bolts let je best op de lengte, zeker wanneer je risers hebt. More info
Skateboard Nuts & Bolts

Selecting skateboard bolts or hardware
What you want to call it, choose it yourself. We'll explain you how to select the perfect set. Hardware is used to attach your skateboard trucks to your skateboard. They're specially designed to fix your trucks to your skateboard and they stay put even when there's a lot of vibration and violence. One set of mounting hardware always contains at least 8 bolts and 8 nuts.

Different kinds of bolts
The bolts for your skateboard hardware come in different lengths and types. The 2 most common types have either a Phillips head or an Allen head.

Phillips head bolts:
Hardware with a Phillips head have a cross shaped top or head. So they are easy to tighten with any cross head screwdriver, also called Phillips screwdriver. This is always included with every quality skate tool.

Allen head bolts:

Allen head hardware has a hexagonal (hexagonal) top that you can easily tighten with an allen wrench. Sometimes this is included in the hardware, otherwise you'll find this allen head key on every good skate tool.

What length should my skateboard hardware be?

Skateboarding Ice Cream Sizes:

Skateboard Setup Skateboard Hardware Length
No Shockpads / risers 7/8" - 1" Waterfalls
1/8" Shockpads 1 - 1/8" Vices
1/4" Risers 1 1/4" Vise
1/2" Risers 1 1/2" Risers