Want to buy a complete skateboard online?

Would you like to learn how to skate? Then you need a first skateboard. With our 9 years of experience, you have come to the right place at Stoked. To discover this sport Complete skateboards are an excellent solution. Easy and economical. All parts are selected and assembled by the same manufacturer. This keeps the price down and you can be sure of reliable material. Carefully tested and approved by the experienced Stoked Team.

When choosing your first skateboard, we'll give you all the information you need with a big smile. We'll tell you all about the sizes, shapes and types of skateboards.

Whether you're in our shop, or shopping from your couch or office chair, you'll always get the service you deserve. For and by boarders!

Skateboard Completes Stoked Boardshop

Why buy a complete skateboard?

Simple, a complete skateboard is reliable and safe. Unlike toys, which are often unstable and unmanageable. A board from Stoked is produced in a recognised skateboard factory. All parts have a solid minimum quality. The decks, the trucks, the wheels and the ball bearings are thoroughly tested and approved.

These pre-assembled skateboards are nothing less than a great deal from the manufacturer! It is a budget-friendly solution for the beginner to intermediate skater. Besides, all the parts are also replaceable and compatible with other skateboard brands.

These are quality first skateboards at an economical price. Everything in one package, ready to use right away.

The advantages

  • Quality parts
  • Recognized skateboard manufacturers
  • Budget friendly
  • Ready-to-roll

What's the difference between a complete and a mounting set?

Very simple: more freedom of choice. That's why we offer two different options. On the one hand there are the complete skateboards, which you can't change anymore. But when we assemble the board for you with a mounting set, you can choose three more parts. So you decide the deck, griptape and screws. (Note: Mounting Set is only recommended for boards up to 8.125").

  • 80 - 130 euro
  • Fully assembled
  • Less freedom of choice

Mounting set:

  • 110 - 170 euros
  • Choose your own: deck + griptape + hardware

Rather assemble your own skateboard?

Do you prefer to choose your own trucks, wheels and bearings? Or do you prefer a wider board? Then you can already here your Create your own skateboard. This is possible from as little as 125 euro. If you want, we'll assemble your entire board for free and with lots of skate love.

A decent skate set-up is put together by taking into account the sizes of all the parts. These are better matched to each other.

Don't know what size you need? Don't worry, we make it easy for you with our handy size charts. These provide a good guideline for the novice skater. When selecting trucks, wheels and bearings, we also recommend to read the explanation at the bottom of the page or click on the link below. here. Would you like more information? Then we'll be happy to give you some extra tips and points of interest when buying a skateboard. Enjoy shopping and have a quick look at your purchase!

Skateboard completes Stoked boardshop

What size skateboard do I need?

The most important size of your skateboard is the width. This is expressed in inches. The length is the same, so you don't have to take that into account. The width of your skateboard has an influence on the board feel, stability and trick performance. Almost all boards vary between 7.25 and 10 inches. The best-selling complete skateboards are found in the sizes 7.75" to 8.125".

Because the size of your first skateboard is very important, we'd like to give you some tips on how to choose. We base our advice mainly on the age, size and the shoe size of the skater. A general rule of thumb: The older, bigger or heavier the (future) skater, the wider the board.

For teenagers and (young) adults it varies between 7.75" and 8.25". Not only the previous characteristics play a role here. Experience and skating style also play a role. To make it easy, there is our suggestive size chart for young and old!

The above size chart is a general guideline and serves as a first indication. (An indication means that there is still some room for slack & interpretation).

We compiled this table based on average measurements of children & our years of skateboard expertise.

This way you can be sure that every young skater can start his skate adventure with the right skateboard at Stoked. Keep in mind that adults with a weight of more than 75 kilograms better opt for a self-assembled skateboard. These components can better withstand the higher kilos.

Some skaters prefer to focus on "learning to ride" in the beginning, and then you can even go up to 0.25" wider than recommended.

This will make your set heavier (less easy to jump on) but it will give you more stability in the beginning and at higher speeds.

Skateboard Completes Stoked Boardshop

Not quite what you're looking for?

Do you prefer quiet cruising or long distance skating, and you're not focused on learning technical tricks? Then you can also choose a Cruiser or a Longboard!


These long and wide boards offer more stability at high speeds. Thanks to the large and soft wheels, they are suitable for comfortably covering long distances. Check them out Here.


Also Cruisers are equipped with soft and big wheels. Like longboards, you need to push off less to achieve and maintain your speed. Their compact size makes them more maneuverable and easy to carry around. Check them out Here.

Don't forget your helmet and protection

All sports involve risk, and skateboarding is no different. Concrete is unforgiving and prevention is better than cure. Especially during the learning process it is recommended to skate protection wearing a helmet. This will give you more self-confidence and you will make faster progress. More information about protection can be here find.

More questions?

Are there still things that are unclear? Do you still have a few extra questions? Don't hesitate to contact us via chat, phone or mail. Or come visit us in our shop.

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