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Shockpads & Risers

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Shockpads and risers are the plates that you mount between your board and the trucks.. Both provide more distance between your wheels and the deck. Their use is mostly a personal choice. They are optional and not necessary for skateboarding. Attention: they are not the same and are used for different purposes. Here we would like to explain the difference, what they are used for and what to look out for when buying them.

What are shockpads and riserpads?

Shockpads and Risers The pads are usually made of polyurethane, a hard plastic. They are rectangular plates that you mount between your board and trucks. Therefore they are about the same size as the baseplate of your truck. They come in different brands, thicknesses and colours.

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What is the difference between shockpads and risers?

They look very similar, but have a different purpose. The main difference between shockpads and risers is The hardness of the material. Shockpads Shockpads are slightly softer and absorb shocks better. Shockpads are used both when riding on rough terrain and when landing on high gaps or stairs. Most shockpads have a thickness of 1/8".

Risers Mainly to increase the clearance between your wheels and the board. The thickness of risers can vary between 1/10" and 1/4". So if you like to skate with bigger wheels and want to avoid wheelbites, choose risers of the desired thickness. Also adjust them to the size of your wheels.
You can find all risers and shockpads here.

What are shockpads or riserpads for?

They allow you to ride with bigger wheels. Also when you have low trucks. The advantage of larger wheels is that they maintain their speed longer and last longer. There is more urethane to wear.

The extra room also allows you to you can take sharper turns. When you steer, the deck comes closer to the wheels. When turning too sharply, the board may come into contact with the wheels - better known as wheelbite. This reacts like a brake and throws you to the ground. Risers and shockpads can help.

Because the board is higher off the ground, you can also jump higher. jump a little higher. The tail has more momentum and can thus raise the front of the board.

They also have an effect on the shock absorption during riding and landing. A rough surface is often more difficult to skate on. Shockpads in particular ensure that these shocks and vibrations are absorbed faster before they reach your board. This gives you a softer riding feel. Shockpads absorb some of the shocks, which also helps when landing on high gaps. This way you put less strain on your board and body.

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Make sure you use the right hardware

Depending on the thickness of the risers, you can choose the right bolt. There is hardware of 1 1/8", 1 1/4" and 1 1/2". Your hardware needs to match the thickness of your pads. To know which bolts you need, we made a handy size chart.

Skateboard Setup

Hardware length

No Shockpads / risers

7/8" - 1" Shockpads

1/8" Shockpads

1 - 1/8" Vices

1/4" Risers

1 1/4" Vise

1/2" Risers

1 1/2" Vise

More questions?

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