Buying skateboard protection.
At any of the Stoked Boardshops or on our online store you will find your skateboard protection at the best market price. We extensively use and approve every piece of gear we have in store. This way we can ensure give you the best advice, wether you are a rookie or a pro. Protection is very important during the learning process, we advice every starting skater and especially the younger ones to start with protection. This way you limit the risk of injury and pain, thus you are guaranteeing a fun and ongoing learning process. A big part of progression is based on confidence. Don't let pain or the fear of pain pull you down.

Size chart Skateboard Protection Junior

Product Maat One
Junior set Knee Thigh bone 26-30cm
Junior Set Elbow Lower biceps 20-23cm
Junior Set wrist Palm 14-17cm


Size Chart Skateboard Protection Youth & Adults

Product Maat S M L XL
Basic Set Knee Thigh bone 34-38cm 38-42cm 42-46cm  
Basic Set Elbow Lower Biceps 26-29cm 29-32cm 32-35cm  
Basic Set wrist Palm 17-19cm 19-21cm 21-23cm  
Wristguard Pro Palm 17-19cm 19-21cm 21-23cm 23-25cm


When choosing a piece of protective gear, choosing the right size is of utmost importance. So make sure to take the circumference of your thigh bone, lower biceps and palm to determine your right fit.

Elbow- , knee - and wrist protection

The knees, wrists and elbows very often have to endure most of the blows during the early learning process. This is why we advice any younger or starting skater to wear protection. We also host skate lessons and skate camps during the holiday periods and every child and young-adult present is obligated to wear protection. Less injuries means more fun and confidence, which almost always results into progression and thus ultimately more fun.

Skateboard Helms
A good helm is of primordial importance when looking for protection. We advice everyone to wear a helmet, even if they are a pro. Of course people are free to do what they want, but brain damage and plastic surgery are no joke. So limit the risks while you can. Concrete isn't a forgiving material and a quality helm is the only way to counter this. We have a very large product range of quality helms in different shapes, sizes and colors.