Buy Snowboard protection.

Looking for protective gear? You can do that at a real snowboard shop like Stoked Boardshop. We practice all the sports we sell. So you will always get the right advice in our shops and online shop. Protection has become a real necessity on the mountain in the past few years. And rightly so. Good protection is essential for gaining confidence and making progress. Especially when you start going faster and higher, oh yeah!

Body protection.

Knees, tailbone and back definitely benefit from good protection too. These areas absorb the most blows, both for beginners and advanced skiers who make more daring jumps. Protection can vary from soft knee pads to a full body armor under your jacket. The protection we offer at Stoked is designed to be comfortable, movable and light. This way, you will not only prevent injuries, but you will also gain confidence and you will be able to progress more easily because you will dare just that little bit more.

Avalanche protection.

The most adventurous riders among us are looking for the undiscovered corners of the mountains, to pop the most fresh pow. If you like to freeride, you've got to get the right tools. Without avalanche protection, you run the risk of not returning alive from this unique kind of snowboarding experience. At Stoked, we have probes, beepers and shovels so you can conquer the purest mountainsides without any worries.