Reserve Mitt Sand Snowboard Gloves Howl

Reserve Mitt Sand Snowboard Gloves

VCO Crail Glove Mix volcom

VCO Crail Glove Mix

Womens Bistro Mitt Rose Wood volcom

Womens Bistro Mitt Rose Wood

Impreza Glove Black Dakine

Impreza Glove Black

Fillmore Trigger Mitt Sammy Carlson Dakine

Fillmore Trigger Mitt Sammy Carlson

Fillmore Trigger Mitt Black Dakine

Fillmore Trigger Mitt Black

Fillmore Mitt Black Dakine

Fillmore Mitt Black

Womens Sequoia Glove Black Dakine

Womens Sequoia Glove Black

Maverick Glove Black Dakine

Maverick Glove Black

Nova Glove Black Dakine

Nova Glove Black

Wristguard Glove Black Dakine

Wristguard Glove Black

Womens Bistro Mitt Faded Army volcom

Womens Bistro Mitt Faded Army

€38.45 €54.95 Sale -30%
Womens Sequoia Glove Glacier Dakine

Womens Sequoia Glove Glacier

Impreza Glove fieldcamo Dakine

Impreza Glove fieldcamo

Diablo Mitt Black Dakine

Diablo Mitt Black

Excursion Glove Black Dakine

Excursion Glove Black

Crossfire Glove Brews N Dakine

Crossfire Glove Brews N

Scout Glove Stone Dakine

Scout Glove Stone

Titan Glove Carbon Dakine

Titan Glove Carbon

Belmont Glove Shadow Dakine

Belmont Glove Shadow

Leather Scout Glove Black Dakine

Leather Scout Glove Black

Womens Sequoia Glove Tory Dakine

Womens Sequoia Glove Tory

Frontier Glove Carbon Dakine

Frontier Glove Carbon

Nova Mitt Black Dakine

Nova Mitt Black

Patriot Glove Gunmetal Dakine

Patriot Glove Gunmetal

Storm Liner Black Dakine

Storm Liner Black

Titan Glove Black Dakine

Titan Glove Black

Nova Glove Carbon Dakine

Nova Glove Carbon

Scout Glove Carbon Dakine

Scout Glove Carbon

Crail Glove White volcom

Crail Glove White

€44.75 €63.95 Sale -30%
Scout Glove Black Dakine

Scout Glove Black

Team Barot Mitt - Chris Benchetler Dakine

Team Barot Mitt - Chris Benchetler

€66.45 €94.95 Sale -30%
Kids Avenger Glove - Northwoods Dakine

Kids Avenger Glove - Northwoods

€27.95 €39.95 Sale -30%
Omni Glove (wmns) - Black Dakine

Omni Glove (wmns) - Black

Topaz Glove (wmns) - Bmack Dakine

Topaz Glove (wmns) - Bmack

€62.95 €89.95 Sale -30%
Frontier Mitt - Black Dakine

Frontier Mitt - Black

Frontier Glove Black Dakine

Frontier Glove Black

Rover Glove - Black Dakine

Rover Glove - Black

€62.95 €89.95 Sale -30%
Commander glove Black Dakine

Commander glove Black

€101.45 €144.95 Sale -30%
Ridgeline Glove Whiskey Dakine

Ridgeline Glove Whiskey

€62.95 €89.95 Sale -30%
Talon Glove Black Dakine

Talon Glove Black

€31.45 €44.95 Sale -30%
FIllmore mitt Octane Dakine

FIllmore mitt Octane

€41.95 €59.95 Sale -30%
Linda Glove Leopard Denim Womens Ride

Linda Glove Leopard Denim Womens

€48.95 €69.95 Sale -30%

Buy snowboarding gloves
Need new gloves to go shredding in the mountains? A real online snowboard shop like Stoked Boardshop is your best bet. We practice all the sports that we sell material for. So you always get the right advice in our stores and in our online snowboard shop. Whether you like powder, park or slopes, you need warm and waterproof snowboard gloves.

Choosing the right gloves
There is a lot of choice when it comes to snowboarding gear. Fortunately, we have been involved in the snowboarding world for a long time, we have spent several seasons in the mountains and we know the meaning of good equipment and what to look out for. This way you want your fingers to be warm and dry. The most important properties of your snowboard gloves are therefore waterproofness, breathability and heat insulation.

  • Waterproofness: This is determined by the fabric from which the outside of your glove is made. Leather or nylon are the most commonly used materials. They are always treated with a coating to be water resistant.
  • Breathability: Snowboarding is a sport and it makes you sweat. Your gloves therefore have the function to dissipate that sweat in a certain way. This is done by the breathability of your snowboard clothing. In the meantime, your hands must of course also stay warm. A light and breathable insulation material, such as eg. Thinsulate or Gore Tex, is therefore necessary. 
  • Heat insulation: Keeping the cold out and the heat in is what it's all about. The density (and thus the weight) of the fleece of the inner and outer gloves determines how much of your body heat is retained.
  • Extra features: Over the years, the snowboard brands built in many more tricks. For example, with many of the high quality gloves we offer you can enjoy features such as an extra bag or touch screen compatible inner gloves.

Brands gloves
In our online snowboard shop, we only distribute the brands that we as a boarder are satisfied with. Snowboard brands owned by snowboarders. For example, all Dakine and Volcom snowboard gloves were tested and approved by our Stoked sponsored snowboarders.

Service for and by boarders.
In addition to targeted advice and high quality material at a good price, you will always receive a top service from us.