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Buy skateboard hardware

At Stoked you will find the necessary skateboard screws. With these, you can attach the trucks firmly to your skateboard. You need 4 per truck, so each mounting kit contains 8 bolts and 8 nuts. This hardware is also called skateboard screws or skateboard bolts. Which term you stick on it, you choose yourself. They're made to withstand a lot of vibration and skate violence. That's why we only have high quality brands in our collection. We'll gladly explain how to select the ideal set.

Choosing skateboard hardware

What should you pay attention to when choosing skateboard hardware?

The main difference is in the length and the head of the bolts. The nuts have a standard size. So you don't have to take that into account.

The length is indicated in inches ("). 1 inch is equal to 2.54 cm. Don't worry, we have a simple size chart that will help you with your selection.

There are also two types of hardware. There are both Phillips head and Allen head screws. These are better known as the cross head and the hexagonal (socket) head.

Skateboard Hardware Stoked Boardshop

What's the difference between Phillips head and Allen head?

Skate hardware with a Phillips head have a cross shaped head. You can easily screw them in with a screwdriver. Almost all skate tools have a Phillips key .

The Allen head bolts can be recognized by the hexagonal hexagonal top. These are screwed down with an Allen key. Many sets of Allen hardware include the Allen wrench. You can also find this Allen head screwdriver on every quality skate tool.

Which one you choose is up to you. Please note that with skate bolts with a Philips head that have been used for a while, it can happen that the head turns over. This is usually due to age and rust. So replace them timely before they wear out further.

What length of skateboard hardware do I need?

Most skate bolts are between 7/8" and 1". This is the standard length. This way they are exactly the right length to attach the baseplate of your trucks to the skateboard.

If you like to ride on bigger wheels, a shock pad or riser can be useful to prevent wheel bites. Depending on the thickness of the risers, you can choose the right bolt. There is hardware of 1 1/8", 1 1/4" and 1 1/2". To know which one you need, we have made a handy size chart.

If you don't know what shockpads and risers are for, you can find the here more information here.

Skateboard Setup

Length Hardware

No Shockpads / risers

7/8" - 1" Shockpads

1/8" Shockpads

1 - 1/8" Vices

1/4" Risers

1 1/4" Vise

1/2" Risers

1 1/2" Vise

Help! I don't have a skat tool:

Depending on which head of vanes you have, use a cross head screwdriver or an allen wrench. To hold the nuts you can use a size 11 wrench. You probably have these lying around somewhere.

Don't you? Then you can also buy a handy skate tool so you can easily adjust your whole set-up.

Hoe monteer ik mijn truck? Stoked Boardshop

How do I mount the hardware?

To attach the trucks to your skateboard deck, do as follows:

  1. After gripping your deck, puncture the holes where the trucks are.
  2. Put the bolts through these holes and stop the head with your hand.
  3. Place the trucks with the kingpin facing inwards over the bolts.
  4. Turn the nuts on the bolts with your fingers.
  5. Place your tool over the nuts.
  6. Tighten all the nuts with the appropriate wrench.
  7. Tighten until the heads are level with your board.

PRO TIP: Pay attention when mounting the trucks on your skateboard. Don't tighten them too much. Otherwise you can cause your skateboard to be damaged. This can lead to premature board breakage.

Why colored bolts?

Skateboard hardware brands like Independent, Shake Junt and Shorty's make, apart from black skate bolts, also coloured hardware. Often only a few bolts are coloured. The reason for this is simple. When you mount these coloured bolts on your skateboard, you can easily distinguish the nose and tail while skating. Besides, this way you personalise your set-up and make it even more unique.

More questions?

Are there still things that are unclear? Do you still have a few extra questions? Don't hesitate to contact us via chat, phone or mail. Or drop by our shop.

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