Buy Sunglasses

The sun, gotta love it. Tearing down sunny mountain slopes, baking during summer skate sessions, or just enjoying the sunshine at your local festival. Your Steezy sunglasses will accompany you everywhere.

Stoked Brand sunglasses

At Stoked Boardshop, we have a large collection of sunglasses from our own brand Stoked Brand. Completely handcrafted out of wood, super light plastic with bamboo legs or all plastic for the chilliest price. We equip them all with high quality UV 400 lenses, you only have to choose your favorite style. Sweeeeet.

Technical & steezy

Besides our own sunglasses, we also have some special stuff. Our favorite action sunglasses from Adidas, which have all the technical features to give you the best vision in any situation. We're also super stoked about the wooden sunglasses from Diamond, handmade out of 100% recycled skateboards. Looking good!