Buy Snowboard goggles.

Looking for a pair of snowboarding goggles? A real online snowboard shop like Stoked Boardshop is your best choice. We practice all sports that we sell. That way, you'll always get the right advice in our shop and in our online snowboard shop.

Choosing snowboard goggles.

Are you overwhelmed by the large selection of snowboard goggles? No problem, we'll show you the different types of goggles and their technical features. At Stoked we've got Oakley, Dragon, Aphex and TSG. All tested and approved. No matter what your budget is, these goggles are great value for money. Your eyes are protected against sun and wind and you can see where you are going to shred.

Types of goggles.

If you're looking for a decent pair of goggles at a cool price, you should choose cylindrical goggles. These are easier to produce and therefore cost less. The more expensive and high-performance option is spherical goggles. The spherical lens provides a wider and sharper view, less distortion and is more durable.

The most important part of a good snowboard goggle is the lens itself. It determines how much light is let through and therefore how much you see. We have special lenses for sunny days or just for dense fog. With the right lens you will not be blinded and you can safely ride through the mountains.

The frame and strap determine how the glasses fit onto your head and helmet. In our shop you can test them all yourself. All snowboard goggles at Stoked are designed to fit all types of snowboard helmets.

Snowboard brands.

Because of the many brands available, you might not be able to see the wood for the trees. In our online snowboard shop, we only sell brands that we, as boarder, are satisfied with. All brands of Oakley, Dragon, Aphex & TSG were tested and approved by our Stoked sponsored snowboarders. These brands are in stark contrast to cheap goggles from sporting goods stores that break very quickly, do not filter light enough or constantly fog up. Choose for a real snowboard brand, so you can enjoy your favorite sport and learn.

Service for and by boarders.

Apart from specific advice and quality gear at a cool price, we also offer you top service. Looking for a different lens, a new frame or a strap in your favorite colour? Come to our shop and we'll help you mount everything correctly. That's our service.