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The trend of 2024: baggy denim shorts

If you're looking for the best baggy jorts, you've come to the right place. Baggy jorts, or baggy denim shorts, are a must-have for every streetwear lover, especially if you like a comfortable and casual style. Read on to discover why Homeboy, Polar, Vans and Volcom are your go-to brands for the best baggy jorts.

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Homeboy Baggy Jorts

Homeboy is known for their authentic streetwear, and their baggy shorts are no exception. These shorts combine style, durability and functionality, specially designed for the skateboard and streetwear culture.

Features of Homeboy Baggy Shorts:

  • Great details like the 'Homeboy X-Tra' embroidery on the front pocket and the rainbow label on the back pocket provide authentic OG vibes.

  • A perfect baggy fit thanks to the wide legs and dropped crotch.

  • A sturdy denim fabric , made from 100% cotton.

Polar Big Boy Baggy Jorts

The Polar Big Boy Short offers comfort and functionality, just like the Polar Big Boy Jeans . These shorts combine a relaxed fit with a modern twist, ideal for warm summer days. Get your Polar Big Boy Shorts now at a -20% discount!

Features of Polar Baggy Shorts:

  • A fit inspired by the '90s with a high waist and baggy fit.

  • Finished with unique details such as the subtle Big Boy embroidery on the coin pocket and the striking blue patch on the back.

Volcom Baggy Jorts

Volcom 's skater shorts offer unparalleled freedom of movement and durability thanks to advanced technologies and high-quality materials. These shorts are designed for optimal performance and comfort, allowing skaters to fully concentrate on their tricks.

Features of Volcom Baggy Shorts:

  • Thanks to the Volcom Water Aware program, these shorts are a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice.

  • The distinctive style and details show your support for this iconic skate brand.

Frequently asked questions about baggy jorts

What are baggy jorts?

Baggy jorts are denim shorts with a loose fit, inspired by the style of the '90s. They are designed for comfort and a casual look, and are often worn by skaters and young people who prefer a relaxed style.

How do you style baggy jorts?

Baggy jorts can be styled in different ways:

Which shoes go best with baggy jorts?

Fat Shoes are the most popular choice because they complement the casual and loose fit look of baggy jorts. Do you want to combine the most popular fat shoes of the moment with your baggy jorts? Then choose the
Vans Knu Skool shoes.

What brands are popular for baggy jorts?

Some popular brands for baggy jorts include Homeboy , Polar , Vans and Volcom . These brands are known for their high-quality materials and stylish designs, which are loved by skaters and young people.

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