Mini-Logo stands for good quality at the chilliest price, especially to support the local scene and make skating accessible. That's why you can always buy Mini-Logo ball bearings and screws online at Stoked Boardshop or in our shops.

Mini-Logo is militant: aggressively active to support a higher cause. That's Mini-Logo all the way. Going against the mainstream and big money, they keep their products simple and affordable. This way, they want to encourage local riders all over the world to keep on skating. We are totally stoked about that message!

Mike Fullington is the passionate skater behind the Mini-Logo movement. He doesn't sponsor an official team, but supports a network of Mini-Logo owners at small shops all over the world, from the USA to Peru and Poland. This way Mini-Logo supports the local scene, the DIY attitude and skateboarding fun. Hell yeah!

Support the vibe of pure, raw skateboarding and choose for the Mini-Logo stuff at your core shop Stoked Boardshop.