Mini-Logo Bearings Precision Skateboard Ball Bearings

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The Mini-Logo Bearings Precision Skateboard ball bearings are skateboard ball bearings of good quality at a chilly price. These are often sold and loved bearings by Stoked skateboarders. Both the steel and the gade balls are manufactured with care and precision by the best bearing factory in the world. Mini-Logo is part of the iconic skate brand Powell Peralta. In 1974 George Powell and Stacey Peralta founded this fantastic old skool brand and were one of the pioneers in skateboarding by making their own decks and urethane wheels that they baked in their kitchen.
So a solid ball bearing for a very chill price.


  • Skate rated and produced by the leading bearing factory.
  • Meets the strictest quality control requirements for consistent quality.
  • Shields on both sides for extra durability.
  • Completely lubricated with Bones Speed Cream.
  • Lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects.

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