Nova Mitt Black Dakine

Nova Mitt Black

Nova Glove Carbon Dakine

Nova Glove Carbon

Storm Liner Black Dakine

Storm Liner Black

Titan Glove Black Dakine

Titan Glove Black

Fidget Tool Green Dakine

Fidget Tool Green

Edge Tuner Tool Green Dakine

Edge Tuner Tool Green

Frontier Glove Carbon Dakine

Frontier Glove Carbon

Leather Scout Glove Black Dakine

Leather Scout Glove Black

Harvey Blackmix Dakine

Harvey Blackmix

Agent Leather Wallet Brown Dakine

Agent Leather Wallet Brown

Wristguard Glove Black Dakine

Wristguard Glove Black

Scout Glove Black Dakine

Scout Glove Black

Brass Tuning Brush Dakine

Brass Tuning Brush

Freestyle 165cm Black Dakine

Freestyle 165cm Black

Titan Glove Carbon Dakine

Titan Glove Carbon

Frontier Glove Black Dakine

Frontier Glove Black

Triangle Scraper Wax Dakine

Triangle Scraper Wax

Freeride sock black/white Dakine

Freeride sock black/white

Patriot Glove Gunmetal Dakine

Patriot Glove Gunmetal

Scout Glove Carbon Dakine

Scout Glove Carbon

Omni Glove (wmns) - Black Dakine

Omni Glove (wmns) - Black

Frontier Mitt - Black Dakine

Frontier Mitt - Black

Talon Glove Black Dakine

Talon Glove Black

€31.45 €44.95 Sale -30%
FIllmore mitt Octane Dakine

FIllmore mitt Octane

€41.95 €59.95 Sale -30%
Fillmore Trigger Mitt Black Dakine

Fillmore Trigger Mitt Black

Womens Sequoia Glove Black Dakine

Womens Sequoia Glove Black

Mini Edge Tuner Tool Dakine

Mini Edge Tuner Tool

Archer Coin Wallet Brown Dakine

Archer Coin Wallet Brown

Belmont Glove Shadow Dakine

Belmont Glove Shadow

Fillmore Mitt Black Dakine

Fillmore Mitt Black

Pyramid Studs Chrome Dakine

Pyramid Studs Chrome

Womens Bergen Neck Tube Black Dakine

Womens Bergen Neck Tube Black

Cutter Buckskin Dakine

Cutter Buckskin

Spike Stomp Pad Clear Dakine

Spike Stomp Pad Clear

Spike Stomp Pad Black Dakine

Spike Stomp Pad Black

Scout Glove Stone Dakine

Scout Glove Stone

Womens Sequoia Glove Tory Dakine

Womens Sequoia Glove Tory

Rover Glove - Black Dakine

Rover Glove - Black

€62.95 €89.95 Sale -30%
Tucker Ink IPhone wallet Dakine

Tucker Ink IPhone wallet

Ridgeline Glove Whiskey Dakine

Ridgeline Glove Whiskey

€62.95 €89.95 Sale -30%
Freeride Sock Night Sky/ Stone Dakine

Freeride Sock Night Sky/ Stone

Womens Kylie Turtledove Dakine

Womens Kylie Turtledove

Womens Kylie Grey Dakine

Womens Kylie Grey

Womens Kylie Black Dakine

Womens Kylie Black

DK Dots Stomp Black/White Dakine

DK Dots Stomp Black/White

Womens Freeride sock Silverton Dakine

Womens Freeride sock Silverton

Summit sock Ginger Dakine

Summit sock Ginger

Gordon Lil Buck Dakine

Gordon Lil Buck

€17.45 €24.95 Sale -20%

You can buy Dakine online at Stoked Boardshop and at the Stoked Flagship Stores. Dakine was founded in 1979 by Rob Kaplan in Hawaii. Dakine (derived from "the kind") has been a synonym for quality backpacks at an unbeatable price/quality ratio for years. Besides snowboard backpacks, they also make snowboard outerwear and are the market leader in snowboard gloves. Dakine has specialized more and more in board sports like skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing. Their team consists of top skaters like Chris Haslam and Torey Pudwill. In snowboarding, Dakine also supports big names like Eric Jackson, JP Walker, Elias Elhardt and Scott Stevens. At Stoked Boardshop you can find Dakine Backpacks as well as Dakine gloves and Dakine outerwear, because we love the high quality at a reasonable price. Are you looking for Dakine wallets? We have a very wide range here at Stoked.