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Wayward Wheels is a hardware company, which focuses on skateboard wheels. That's why you can always buy Wayward Wheels wheels online at Stoked Boardshop or in our shops. Colourful, hard or soft, for every activity you have suitable wheels from Wayward Wheels. Wayward Wheels is known for their simple, yet super solid designs.

Andrew Brophy and Benny Fairfax, decided in 2014 to turn their passion and love for skateboarding into rebel wheels. They were very influenced by the rebellious and alternative skateboard culture of their youth. In fact, this is reflected in the name of the company. Wayward means contrary, whimsical or quirky. Skateboarding is a lifestyle, not a sport. The Revron wheels, Adjuster wheels and Threestack wheels all reflect this credo. Conical, Corner Cut and more!All shapes are present!

Today they have style machines and stunners like Rodrigo TX, Tyler Bledsoe, Lucas Puig, Lucien Clarke and Miles Silvas and many more... in their skateboarding team.

At Stoked Boardshop, our own sponsored riders agree: Wayward Wheels is top of the line. Solid and durable, stylish and comfortable. Let your creativity run on wheels with Wayward Wheels.