Vans Elijah Berle Collection

Vans brent een geweldige collectie in samenwerking met skate legend Elijah Berle More info


Vans Skateboarding is proud to announce a new collaboration with team skater Elijah Berle: a complete collection celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Skate Half Cab™, featuring a signature version of the shoe as an eye-catcher. Elijah has a passion for classic tattoos, motorcycles, the retro surf scene and fashion from the 50s and 60s. This is reflected in the collection's unusual embroidery and graphics, which also nods to Elijah's iconic style and the skate shoe that cannot be left out of history.

Vans Elijah Berle Collection

Elijah is known in the skate world for his all-terrain talent and precise control. His natural skills on a skateboard combined with his relentless work ethic have earned him a place at the top while staying true to his roots and always thinking of those who came before him. It is only fitting that this season Vans gave Elijah the reins to put his own spin on the Skate Half Cab™. He came up with a unique khaki/black colorway as a nod to the future skate generation.

The original Half Cab™ was born out of necessity in 1992. Skaters created it by converting tall models into custom skate shoes. With nothing but scissors and duct tape, they unknowingly made the world's best skate shoe. Three decades later, the Half Cab™ is still one of the most trusted, recognizable shoes in skateboarding.

Vans Elijah Berle apparel and footwear collection

The Skate Half Cab™ in Elijah Berle's colorway features a barbed-wire graphic on the suede heel, original Half Cab logo patches on the upper and tongue, and Elijah's name on the footbed. DURACAP™ reinforced materials and a deeper profile extend the life of the shoe, and thanks to the energy return provided by the PopCush™ footbed, legs last longer. The collection also includes two additional Vans Skate Classics: the Elijah Berle Skate Old Skool in black, with white embroidered barbed wire across the Sidestripe and flames on the toe; and the Skate Sk8-Hi Decon in black, with an assortment of removable patches.

Vans Elijah Berle Loose Carpenter Pants Black

Elijah's design inspiration further translates into a clothing collection steeped in his Southern California style. These include the Elijah Berle carpenter pants in black with white flame details, a long-sleeved T-shirt in black with barbed wire on the sleeve and flamed details on the chest, a woven short-sleeved shirt in black with flame details on the collar and a personalized Vans patch on the chest, and a cap with color pockets and embroidery that refers back to the collection.

Elijah has been part of the Vans Skateboarding team since 2010 and has continually advanced the sport with his bold style both on and off the board. Elijah's influential style has earned him numerous accolades: he was named Tampa Am Winner 2010, Year's Best Am 2012 (by The Skateboard Mag) and even three times as the Thrasher King of the Road. Most recently, he was featured in Vans' latest skateboarding film, "Alright OK." With his latest collection and signature Skate Half Cab, Elijah once again confirms his place in skateboarding history.