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Triple Eight protection is the world's best when it comes to helmets and padding for skateboarding. That's why you can always buy Triple Eight protection online at Stoked Boardshop, or in our shops. When you fall, Triple Eight lets you stand up again.

In 1996, in New York City, Triple Eight released their first helmets and gloves for bike messengers to cope with the crazy traffic in NYC. Their fresh looks and high performance also caught the interest of extreme sports daredevils. Today, big boys and girls like Mike Vallely, Patrick Switzer and Tamara Prader ride for the Triple Eight team.

Skating and longboarding can be tough on your body. With Triple Eight's protection you can take just that little bit more, and you dare to go just that little bit higher and faster. Their technical innovations like the Sweatsaver (regulates humidity) and Conehead EPS Liner (distributes the pressure of shocks) ensure safety and comfort. The looks just come with it. Stoked!