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Toko wax is Swiss top quality wax with a century of experience under its belt. That is why you can always buy Toko wax and Toko Repair Candles online at Stoked Boardshop, or in our stores. Can you fix it? With Toko, yes you can!

Jakob Tobler founds"Tobler & Co" in 1916 and starts producing ... household products. In the 1930s he renames the company ToKo AG. Because they have experience with wax, ToKo becomes the official partner of the 1948 Winter Olympics in St. Moritz as a waxing service for the participating athletes. Since day 1 the production is done entirely in Switzerland and the Toko reputation is built on that.

Swiss made, Olympic partner, 100 years experience. Sounds legit! With Toko wax and Toko Repair Candles from Stoked Boardshop, fixing the base of your snowboard is more professional than ever. DIY like a pro!