These Wheels are longboard wheels for all the different styles of longboarding. That's why you can always buy these longboard wheels online or in our stores at Stoked Boardshop. Whether you want to blast down hills or ride the longest powerslides ever, these Wheels have the right gear for your style.

These is the longboard wheels brand from Skate One Corporation. This is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of skate equipment in the world, with its roots in the Powell Peralta Corp and their legendary Bones Brigade. Alan "Ollie" Gelfand invented the Ollie on their equipment. The young Steve Caballero performed the first fakie 360 ollie (the caballerial) and also Tony Hawk went pro for this producer. Legit stuff.

To boost their team, Skate One invested in new technology. Especially their wheels are top of the line thanks to innovative urethane formulas (read: special rubber-plastic mix) and specialized foundry (read: wheel factory). Since 2012, they also produce longboard wheels with their infrastructure and experience. So you can count on these Wheels to combine top level grip, speed and strength.

Shredders such as Byron Essert, Victoria Waddington and George Mackenzie are on the These Pro Team. The sponsored riders of the Stoked Boardshop longboarding team have tested and approved them: time to ride with these Wheels.