'Thank You's mission is to use the collective power of skateboarding to shine a light on deserving causes and to elevate the skate community through action. Torey Pudwill and Daewon Song launched Thank You Skateboards in 2018 with a common goal in mind. Namely, to give something back to the community.

In addition to their signature board collections, apparel and accessories. Is their proudest venture: the"Give Back" board collections. Each deck sold in this series is specifically designed to highlight an admirable initiative, with a portion of the proceeds being donated to that cause.

That's why you can always buy Thank You Skateboards online or in our stores at Stoked Boardshop. Wawawiewa!

Our Stoked sponsored skateboarders also agree: Thank You Skateboards is a thankful brand to have and to carry out. That is why Thank You comes back every season at Stoked Boardshop and we will never let them go!