Switchback Bindings zijn snowboardbindingen die door hun eenvoudige constructie stijl en performance combineren. Daarom kan je bij Stoked Boardshop altijd Switchback Bindings kopen, online of in onze winkel. More info

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Switchback bindings are snowboard bindings that combine style and performance because of their simple construction. That's why you can always buy Switchback bindings online at Stoked Boardshop or in our stores.

Switchback bindings are designed and made in the Netherlands using high quality polymers, read: super plastic. This makes them very light, gives them a lot of flex and board feel, and keeps them tight around your boots. The construction is designed in such a way that they are easy to (dis)assemble. And you can customize them with any part in the right size and steezy colour for your set-up and for any environment. How and where you snowboard will also affect which part of your binding wears out faster. With Switchbacks, it's perfectly possible to replace only the part you need. This makes these bindings the best bang for your back and ideal for those who plan to shred on the mountain for many years to come.

With legendary brothers Eiki and Halldòr Helgason on the pro team, you know that Switchback bindings are the sturdiest, most responsive snowboard bindings around, whether you're riding in the deep snow, at the park or on the street.

And now enough talk. With Switchback Bindings snowboard bindings from Stoked Boardshop, there's only one thing you can do: blast off that mountain! Let's ride!