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Stance socks are original, creative and super comfy socks for those who dare to be different. They are also sturdy and breathable, so perfect as steezy snowboard socks. That's why you can always buy Stance socks online at Stoked Boardshop, or in our stores.

Stance was founded in 2009 in San Clemente, California by 5 guys who had experience with different brands in the extreme sports industry (like Element and Reef). With their feet firmly planted in the underground scene, they saw an opportunity to make a difference with a product that until then had been in a boring, forgotten corner: socks. They started printing all kinds of crazy designs on high quality sports socks and immediately many of the biggest names in the creative industry were convinced. Stance does not only have big boys like Andrew "The Boss" Reynolds or powerhouse Chris Cole under their wings. Rappers, graffiti artists, boxers, basketball players, surfers and even Rihanna rock Stance socks wherever they go. In 2015, Stance became the official NBA sock. Or how the creative underground is turning the established mainstream on its head in just a few years.

Snowing, dancing, skating - you name it. With Stance on your feet, creative action knows no bounds. That is why you can always come to Stoked Boardshop.