Spitfire has been making the skate world run like clockwork since 1987, thanks to Jim Thiebaud. Spitfire Wheels are a household name in the skateboard world and that's because they are the most popular brand when it comes to skateboard wheels. This popularity is due to the great resistance against flat spots. Perfect for the speed freaks who like to stay in control, in the skate park and on the streets. That's why you can always buy Spitfire wheels online at Stoked Boardshop. That's tasty!

These wheels are so popular because of their unique urethane composition. With the Spitfire Formula Four wheels you will have the best all round skate experience. They come in different shapes and colours. You can think of the Formula Four Classic, Formula Four Lock-ins, Formula Four Conical, Formula Four Conical Full, Formula Four Radials, Formula Four Radials Slim. Also the classic Spitfire Chargers are an absolute best seller. This core skateboard wheel brand is known for its high quality and great performance on any terrain.

It all started as Spitfire Wheels, but it grew into so much more. They also provide skaters with a great clothing collection. Check out their Spitfire pullovers, socks, t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, hoodies and jackets. You name it, they make it! They also produce awesome tools, griptape and other skate accessories.

Spitfire has a team of top notch riders riding for them. Of course street legend and Baker founder Andrew Reynolds is one of them. But don't forget Dennis Busenitz, Eric Koston, Omar Salazar, Chris Cole, Theotis Beasly, Oscar Rozenberg and Sean Malto. Also our Stoked sponsored skateboarders agree: Spitfire from Stoked Boardshop is the way to go!