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Silver is a skateboard brand that focuses on high quality trucks, their mission to bring the best trucks on the market was started by none other than Rob Dyrdrek in 2003. Silver Trucks have become indispensable in the skateboarding world, mainly because they make probably the best trucks in the scene. Silver is all about quality, not quantity.

Ask most pro's which part is the most important on their skateboard and the majority will swear by trucks. That's why Silver's focus is on trucks and trucks only. That's why you can always buy the following at Stoked Boardshop Silver Trucks onlineat or in our shops. SWEET!

Silver Trucks come in two different models. These are the M-Class and the M-Hollow. The M-Class trucks are made of the most durable materials, thanks to their design they also have an exceptional turning ability. They turn so soft that it feels like you are skating on clouds. The M-Hollow trucks are lighter thanks to the hollow kingpins, but they don't have to compromise on quality and durability. They excel in precision and stability, and you can never have too many of those.

Silver was founded by legend and super record holder Rob Dyrdrek, so it should come as no surprise that Silver has a knack for recruiting top skaters for their team. Chad TimTimKyle Leeper, Spencer Brown, Alex Mizurov, Pamela Rosa, Ryan Guiso and Bryant Chapo complete this awesome team. Also our Stoked sponsored skateboarders agree: Silver Trucks from Stoked Boardshop is the way to go!