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Shoe Goo is the standard in the skate industry to last longer. That is why you can always Buy Shoe Goo online at Stoked Boardshop or in our stores. Save your shoe, praise the Goo!

Lyman Van Vliet was 45 years old when he lived in his garden shed, in a spaghetti pot, the perfect chemical mix made to fix his tennis shoes. Yep, you could still do that back then, working with all kinds of chemicals in your backyard. He brought his Shoe Goo onto the market and after a few years it grew into the product to be able to stick things together that are difficult to repair.

Skaters also discovered Shoe Goo to protect their skate shoes against the chafing of the griptape. It is normal for your shoes to wear out. They live longer with this Shoe Goo and you retain lots of grip.

At Stoked Boardshop we know what it is like to have your toes through your shoes. After years of skating, we have grown to love these red tubes ourselves. Made in America and super sturdy, that is Shoe Goo.