Shake Junt is for a good reason one of the best known brands in the skateboarding scene. They are known for their solid quality and great variety of skateboard griptapes and skate accessories. And since they are part of the Bakerboys Distribution skate stable, you can be sure of top quality. Thanks to this core skate brand you can personalize your skateboard in a unique way. Doing your own thing, that's what makes skateboarding so great. That's why you can always buy Shake Junt griptape and hardware online. Or you can visit us in our shop. That's what's up!

We love Shake Junt for its top-quality hardware, like screws, risers, grip cleaner, bearrings, tools, etc. But our skate love goes especially out to their gigantic variety of Shake Junt griptapes. Some stay loyal to the Shake Junt OG griptape forever, others go for the Pro's or Sprayed griptapes. Also on Tony Hawk Pro Skater we choose for the Shake Junt Griptape! Just because!

Shake Junt has a team of heavyweights riding for them. Of course street legend and Baker founder Andrew Reynolds is one of them. But don't forget Kyle Walker, T-Funk, Jamie Foy, Kevin Spanky, Theotis Beasly and Zion Wright who are all big rippers with nothing to prove. Also our Stoked sponsored skateboarders agree: full control over your board with Shake Junt Griptape from Stoked!