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Sevennine13 are sturdy and light boot laces and shoelace belts that allow you to ride the snowpark with less weight. That's why you can always buy Sevennine13 online at Stoked Boardshop. Superfresh!

Eiki & Halldor Helgason, the Icelandic wonder brothers who have been at the top of freestyle snowboarding for years, started designing their own equipment with their experience. Besides their own Lobster Snowboards, they also released laces in all kinds of funky colours to give their boots even more steez. Then they also started using them as belts. Super light and possible to tie in the perfect size. That's why they developed special Shoelace Belts. Wide laces with a special clip to close them easily and securely. Comfortable, light and sturdy. The laces and belts are sold under the brand name Sevennine13.

At Stoked Boardshop, we have tested and approved them ourselves. These babies rule. Check out the gear of Sevennine13 for your next trip to the mountains!