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Emerica skateboarding shoes His core classics with a simple design and high performance. With a living legend as Andrew "The Boss"Reynolds in the team you know that emerica turns around hard skating with style and dedication. That's why you can at Stoked Boardshop Always buy skate shoes, online or in our stores, from the sturdy gear of this brand that always remains faithful to the core of street skates.

Emerica is a brand of Sole Technology Inc., an American producer specialized in skateboard shoes. Also Ethnies, és, thirtytwo (Snowboard boots) and Altamont Apparel (clothing) use the innovations that are in it Sole Technology Institute (STI LAB) are made and tested. Developments such as the Sti Foam or G2 GEL CUSHION Absorb shocks at landing. So if you want to jump with lots of board control of gigantic stairs, your feet are good at emerica skateboarding shoes.

In 1996, emerica was launched and many innovative skaters launched the video Yellow such as John Cardiel, Jamie Thomas and Marc Johnson. Even today it has one of the most influential and passionate teams within the skateboard world with O.A. Andrew Reynolds, Leo Romero and pro-skater and artist Ed Templeton by Toy machine. Their Video Parts in this is skateboarding, kids in Emerica and Stay Gold are legendary. We find the Dutch closer to home Rob Maatman As a representative of this hard, stylish Street Skating brand.

At Stoked Boardshop we have tested our selection of Emerica Footwear itself and we are convinced: emerica rips!