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Riptide bushings are responsive longboard bushings that give you a super smooth ride. That's why you can always buy Riptide bushings online at Stoked Boardshop, or in our shops. Technical champions for popping big downhills.

Riptide only wants one thing: to create new, innovative products to make the experience of longboarding even more epic. The brand is based in California, where the good weather makes it possible to test all products every day. All the ideas of their riders are incorporated in the production process to make their material even better. Antonio Madriaga, Tristan Taillon, Possala Wang and other rippers from the Riptide team know what they are talking about.

At Stoked Boardshop, we all love the responsive bushings of this core brand. If you are looking for a smooth, controlled and super sweet ride, Stoked and Riptide are the right choice.