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ReVive Skateboarding is an American skateboard brand founded by legends Andrew Shrock and Aaron Kyro.It all started with the idea to make one full length skate video. Which led to several successful YouTube videos in 2009. They started a series called 'We Want ReVenge', when the series became popular, viewers started asking for a similarly named product. So they said, "Why not?" and ReVenge Skateboards was born. Unfortunately, after about a year or two, they ran into some "name problems". They were forced to resuscitate themselves under the appropriate name, ReVive Skateboards. Since then, it's been smooth sailing and while they provide quality skateboards, they also continue to focus on representing skateboarding for the original reason we all started riding: to have fun. Skating is not just a sport, but a lifestyle!

ReVive's brands also include Force Wheels (skateboard wheels), 3 Block Skateboards (decks) and Amgrip (griptape).

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They provide board lovers with a cool collection of skateboard decks. Take a look at the ReVive Red Lifeline, Jonny Giger Stincel, Aaron Kyro Battle, John Hill Battle, Jason Park Destiny, Quake and many more..

The ReVive decks tend to have a bit more mellow concave than other leading brands (e.g.Baker, Birdhouse, Antihero, Zero etc). They are generally quite stiff but with a small amount of flex. They offer great pop, often compared to Baker decks.

In a short period of time they managed to attract a nice team of pros. Since then, ReVive Skateboards has released several videos, organized events and sponsors a strong team, including Jonny Giger, Aaron Kyro, John Hill, Jason Park, Alexander Rademaker, Thomas Alvarez,.... This is how ReVive earned a place among other respected brands for making skateboarding great.

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