Real Skateboards are street skate decks for and by boarders. That's why at Stoked Boardshop, you can always buy Real Skateboards online or in our stores to blast through all the streets and parks.

Tommy Guerrero and Jim Thiebaud, both from the Powell-Peralta team in the 80s, founded the company Real Skateboards together with Fausto Vitello (Thrasher Magazine) in 1991. It was the first time that pro skaters themselves launched a brand of skateboards. An important step for skateboarding to become what it is today. As Guerrero says, "... We were actually the first to independently do our own thing, in the sense that we really set a new tone and did what we wanted ... So we went back. Back to the street. ... It was about a group of friends who just did something together that they believed in. You can't stop something like that."

Real Skateboards is known for supporting riders and shops according to their straightforward, pure vision of skateboarding. With the"Actions REALized" foundation, the brand is a pioneer that inspires the skateboard industry to give something back to the community. They organize actions for charities and help skateboarders take care of themselves. Top performers like Dennis Busenitz, Ishod Wair and Keith Hufnagel ride with Real Skateboards under their feet.

At Stoked Boardshop, we share that vision completely! We have Real Skateboards complete decks, wheels, clothes and caps to share those core skate vibes.