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Pro-Tec is a skateboard brand known for its constant innovation when it comes to skateboard protection. The skate world has been making leaps and bounds in style, number of athletes, etc. for years. Despite these changes, Pro-Tec is not standing still. They are constantly looking for more and better ways, materials, shapes to make even better helmets. Whether it's your first skate session or the 9568th, there's a Pro-Tec helmet for everyone! This super brand has been in business since 1973 and originated in San Diego USA.

Protection and a good helmet is recommended for everyone. From beginner to pro, everyone has had a moment where they thought. Thank goodness I'm wearing a helmet today... Brain damage and head injuries are no laughing matter, especially for beginners. The less pain you have to endure, the more you dare and the more steps you will (dare to) take. That is why you can always find Pro-Tec protection online or in our shops. Yummie!

The Pro-Tec helmets come in different styles, shapes and colors. They are also easy to personalize with your cool Stoked stickers. The fans still go for the classic helmet, but these are of course equipped with the latest technology. Modern protection in a classic jacket, we love it! Every helmet has at least the EPS industry standard, like the Classics. Others are even better equipped thanks to the multi impact SXP technology, this technology is mostly found in the Pro-Tec B2 and ACE models.

They also make other protection like knee, wrist and elbow protection. And also in this you have differences. You have the Street Pads and the Park Pads. The Park Pads are lighter and more suitable for the better park work, especially if you like to have some freedom of movement while skating. The Street Pads are a bit tighter and are extra shock-resistant. This is due to the drop in pads with memory foam and the compression molded EVA.

Pro-Tec tries to have a team that is as legendary as their legendary product. This core skate brand works with great athletes like Steve Caballero, Christian Hosi, Lincoln Ueda, Bucky Lasek, Pedro Barros and Alex Perelson. Also our Stoked sponsored skateboarders agree: Pro-Tec protection from Stoked Boardshop is the way to go!