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Pizza Skateboards is a hardware company for boarders by boarders, just like we like it at Stoked. Comfy, solid and fresh gear for all conditions.

Pizza Skateboards provides the most steezy skateboards, clothing and accessories. Pizza Skateboards are best known for their variety of logo parodies with an upbeat and funny attitude. Something reminiscent of World Industries from the 90s, and a time when skateboarding wasn't so focused on projecting a cool image. That's why you can always buy Pizza Skateboards and clothing online or in our stores at Stoked Boardshop. Comfy, solid and fresh gear for all conditions.

PizzaSkateboards started in Sacramento California among a group of friends. They wanted to spread their passion for skateboarding and so Pizza Skateboards was born. They believe in people over profit, quality over quantity and making honest and respectable goods. They were very influenced by skateboard culture. The logos of Polo Sport, NASCAR and Chuck E. Cheezehave all incurred the wrath of Pizza, and the brand has become so good at these parodies that they have almost become synonymous.

Today, they have style machines like Ducky Kovacs, Vincent Milou, Jesse Vieira, Raul Valencia, James Gaehner, Marcus Attwood jr. and many other top performers... in their skateboard team.

At Stoked Boardshop, our own sponsored riders agree: Pizza is the way. Tough and durable, stylish and comfortable. Let your creative spirit run wild with Pizza Skateboards and apparel.