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Pass-Port skateboards are pure street skate decks designed by the Pass-Port crew from Australia. Totally core. That's why you can always buy Pass-Port skateboards online at Stoked Boardshop or in our stores. Stoked!

Pass-Port is a core skateboard brand from the streets of Melbourne, Sydney and Victoria in Australia. Real street skate decks (8.125" or smaller) from a crew of rippers who love curbs, forbidden spots and locally brewed beer. These dudes totally share the Stoked vibe, oh yeah! For their awesome graphics they collaborate with artist friends and photographers like Rennie Ellis. They also organize their own events, make videos and are an important support in the Australian skate scene to encourage cities to build skateparks. And if the city doesn't do it, they just build their own awesome DIY spots. Totally legit!

The Pass-Port crew has been at it since 2010. At Stoked Boardshop, we have tons of respect for how these guys collaborate with big brands like Nike or Converse to make kick ass videos while keeping their own core, rebellious vibe and skate style. Callum Paul, Geoff Campbell and Dean Palmer among others skate in the Pass-Port team. In Belgium, skater-owned Jean Jacques Distribution distributes these steezy decks, so you know you're in the right place.

And now, HIT THE STREETS with a cool Pass-Port skateboard from Stoked Boardshop!