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NOWA stands for "no wallet" and is a young, creative Belgian brand for those who prefer to keep their wallet as compact as possible. You can therefore always buy NOWA wallets online at Stoked Boardshop or in our shops. Share the vibe, Belgium!

NOWA wallets consist entirely of Tyvek. A material that does not tear and is not afraid of your washing machine. Super thin, water resistant and feather light wallets. Moreover, they are 100% Belgian, from the design to the last stitching. For some designs NOWA works together with artists from Belgium and abroad, for the rest they simply do it themselves. The chilly guys from Charleroi behind this brand share the Stoked vibe completely. Sweeeet!

Boarding trips, full day sessions or just going from the skate park to the party. With a sturdy, compact wallet you always have the most necessary stuff with you and it doesn't get in the way. We are totally stoked to have the NOWA wallets in our store at Stoked Boardshop!