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Neff hats and beanies are comfy, warm and totally fresh. That's why you can always buy Neff headgear online at Stoked Boardshop or in our stores. Sweet.

Shaun and Joe Neff founded the brand in 2002 in California. They were the first core brand (owned and operated by boarders) to produce beanies and caps specifically for snow and skateboarders. Today they're a fixture in the young, creative scene around the world.

Aaron "Jaws" Homoki, Ben Raybourn and Leo Romero are some of the skaters who rock Neff headgear. Also the Helgason brothers, Brandon Davis and Scotty Lago keep their heads warm in the mountains with Neff. Even big boys from basketball like Kevin Durant and music stars like Damian Marley, Snoop Dogg and talented lady Jhené Aiko share the Neff vibe! A brand with core roots that collaborates like this, we at Stoked Boardshop are totally behind it. Respect!