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Muckefuck skateboards and wheels are designed to go hard on every spot. That's why you can always buy Muckefuck wheels and skateboards online at Stoked Boardshop or in our shops. Go European or stay home!

Roman Astleitner and Marco Pilotto founded Muckefuck Skateboards & Urethane in 2005 in Austria. The two of them have been organising huge contests for years. Today they have over 30 heavy European rippers in their team, like Ralf Edlinger, transition beast Alex Hallford and of course the 2 fattest all terrain style monsters from Belgium: Jarne Verbruggen and Phil Zwijsen. When they go over the cobblestones, they do so on their own Muckefuck Urethane wheels.

At Stoked Boardshop we only distribute material we are happy with when we skate ourselves. Muckefuck skateboards and wheels are very solid (no flatspots), rock homemade graphics and all that for a very cool price. This brand is all about the core: by boarders, for boarders. Support the European scene with Muckefuck skateboards and wheels at Stoked Boardshop.