Madrid skateboards stand for sun, summer and good times! At Stoked Boardshop, we are convinced by the experience and quality of these iconic boards. That's why you can always buy Madrid skateboards online or in our stores and cruise like in the early days!

Jerry Madrid started designing and building his own skateboards back in the 60's. He was one of the first surfers who started shaping his own boards in the garage of his parents in Norwalk, California. Since then, Madrid skateboards has a solid reputation. They have years of experience and keep coming up with innovative shapes and laminates to make their boards even stronger and faster.

Today, Madrid longboards and skateboards are made in Huntington Beach, California. Their longboarding team includes world-class riders like Zak Maytum and Calvin Staub. Recently, Ryan Weston and Anthony Latora joined the street team.

Now let's shred some hills, with Madrid skateboards at Stoked Boardshop.