Buy longboard protection.

You can do that at a real longboard shop like Stoked Boardshop. We ourselves practice all the sports of which we sell materials. So you will always get the right advice in our shops and in our online boardshop. Protection is definitely useful during the learning process to stay intact, gain confidence and make progress.

Longboard Helmets

Good protection starts with a longboard helmet. We definitely recommend beginning to intermediate longboarders to wear a helmet to prevent serious injuries to the head. Asphalt doesn't forgive and concrete even less, so a helmet is a good idea.

For those who cruise the streets quietly or practice creative tricks a standard skate helmet is sufficient. If you're going to ride downhill, the most extreme form of longboarding, you need a helmet that protects your entire head, face and neck. A motorbike helmet will go a long way. If you are looking for specialized protection, Stoked is the place to be.

As the boardshop for and by boarders, we know exactly which helmet is right for you and we're happy to answer any questions you might have in our shops or online longboard shop.

Longboard slide gloves

One of the coolest longboard moves is without a doubt the powerslide. It requires power, speed and technique. And a decent slide glove. These longboard gloves have a hard puck on the palm that supports your hand when you slide. This way your hand can slide along without worry and you can go lower and steeper than ever.

Elbow and knee protection

Knees and elbows also take some blows during the learning phase of longboarding. It is therefore recommended that young and beginning skaters also protect their knees and elbows. In this way you will not only prevent injuries, but you will also gain confidence and you will be able to make progress more easily because you will be more daring.