Buy Landyachtz longboards online and in the shops of Stoked Boardshop. This Canadian longboard brand from Vancouver was founded in 1997 by longboarders Michael Perreten & Thomas Edstrand. Their boards are still made by and for boarders in Canada. Their employees, all longboarders and skaters, test Landyachtz longboards to the limits on Vancouver's steep descents. Landyachtz also sponsors numerous races and riders like Dillon Stephens, Justen Ortiz, Nick Breton, Travis Craig, Charlie Darragh, Ryan Theobald and Blake Startup. Together with the rest of the crew, these pro longboarders provide the input needed to make the Landyachtz longboards better and better. Started in a barn in Whistler and now one of the biggest longboardbrands in the world with roots and production deep in the Canadian mountains. Landyachtz longboards features a number of world famous longboard models like the Landyachtz Drop Carve, Landyachtz Bamboo Stout, Landyachtz Totem Freerdom, Landyachtz Battleaxe, Landyachtz Wolfshark, Landyachtz Tomahawk and Landyachtz Switchblade.