Balance boardssuch as the Indo Board Balance Trainer are the most versatile balance boards available today. That's why you can always buy balance boards from this brand, which is used by professional athletes from almost every possible sports discipline, at Stoked Boardshop, online or in our stores.

In the 70s, surfer Hunter Josling designed the first Indo Board. This way he could train his technique, muscles and balance. Even on days when he couldn't ride the waves. The simplicity and solid durability of the product make it a fitness tool with endless possibilities. On top of that, it's just a lot of fun to practice and play on these balance boards.

Our Stoked Sponsored riders and ourselves often take big risks in their extreme board sports, be it skateboarding, longboarding, surfing or snowboarding. Together with many other world class riders, we use these balance boards as training to get stronger and to improve and maintain balance. It is especially useful to rehabilitate after injuries. All dudes who want to rip hard, like to use the Indo Boards for training and perform real tricks with them. Check it out, get Indo it.