Grizzly griptape is a young brand founded by Torey Pudwill in 2012. With fresh designs, it quickly became the favorite brand of many professional skaters today. Chris Cole, Chris Joslin and Ryan Sheckler are real celebrities who skate for "the bear".

Together with his father and a friend, Pudwill designed the Grizzly logo, a bear inspired by a baking tin his mother used to bake cookies. They started distributing griptape to local shops and skaters from their garage. When Pudwill partnered with Diamond Supply Co. he can distribute his designs widely and also support a lot of young pros.

Grizzly is known as a very grippy griptape, especially when just used, perfect for technical tricks. At Stoked Boardshop we always have a few steezy copies of top quality Grizzly griptape.