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GoPro action cams are the top for filming extreme sports like skateboarding, snowboarding, longboarding and surfing. That's why you can always buy cameras and accessories to mount your GoPro on whatever you want at Stoked Boardshop.

Founded in 2002 by Nicholas Woodman and responsible for a revolution in the world of film, extreme sports and the internet. For the first time it was possible to easily film places and actions that were previously inaccessible.

The numerous accessories make it very easy to attach the sturdy Action Cam to anything. Filming becomes a piece of cake with this excellent follow cam. Thanks to the fisheye lens you have a range of 180°. The mobility, the weight and the simple design with 2 buttons are huge assets. Especially if you film footage to share on the internet, Go Pro offers a suitable image quality. The brand continues to push boundaries with ever better quality of image and sound, for an even bigger experience.

At Stoked Boardshop, we have experience using (and enjoying) this camera and accessories.

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