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G-Form protection is otherworldly. Literally. These knee pads and elbow pads were developed with technology from space travel. That's why you can always buy G-Form protection online at Stoked Boardshop or in our stores. Ride safe, explorers!

Pads for your knees or elbows sometimes have to endure heavy shocks. After all, you learn how to board by trial and error. But they also need to be light and comfortable. This way they don't hinder you with the fast movements that come with these awesome sports. Our own Stoked Sponsored Riders agree: G-Form is the absolute best when it comes to comfortable and solid protection.

G-Form was founded by Dan Wyne. This passionate scientist and sportsman worked at NASA (no shit!) developing special breathable textiles for space travelers. He then used his knowledge to found G-Form to make this technology available to the sports world. Now you can air as high or down as fast as you like. Thanks to Dan, you can test the limits of your skills without fear, with G-Form protection from Stoked Boardshop!