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Frank Skateboards is a core European brand that doesn't take itself too seriously, except when it comes to super cool street skating. That's why you can always buy Frank Skateboards online at Stoked Boardshop or in our shops. That's what's up!

Frank Skateboards totally breathes the steezy and fat fun vibes of the European skate scene. Rock solid boards to destroy every street spot, graphics with a juicy dose of humor. And all of this is made by and for skaters. With rippers like Eniz Fazliov, Tommy May and Dutch style beast Rob Maatman, you know that skateboard decks from Frank Skateboards always deliver!

To make it even better, these core gems are distributed in Belgium by Ben Daeleman of Jean Jaques Distribution. That's a serious quality label for core skateboard brands, so you know for sure you're supporting the skaters directly with your purchase. Spreading the love yo, that's what we go for with Frank Skateboards at Stoked Boardshop!