éS Skateboarding shoes and apparel have been breathing tech skating from day 1. Since 2012 they have hit the pause button but at Stoked Boardshop we continue to offer gear from éS. You can buy éS online or in our shops to support this core brand until it comes up with new stuff.

Don Brown founded the core skateboarding brand éS in 1995, together with the skaters from STI(Sole Technology Inc.), the manufacturer behind Etnies. The goal was to give the technical street skaters of the 90s a shoe that was sturdy, stylish and perfect for endless flips and manuals. That same year, they launched the Accel, a classic like no other and one of the best-selling skate shoes ever.

From the beginning, éS shoes were designed for legendary rippers like Eric Koston, Tom Penny, Sal Barbier and Chad Muska. Shoes for the team, instead of a team around a shoe. For boarders, by boarders, that's how we like it at Stoked Boardshop.

Since 2012, éS took a break. Their products are still available, but they are a bit more rare these days. They certainly didn't disappear, because even today they have tech wizards like Tom Asta and Kelly Hart on board to spread the vibe.

At Stoked Boardshop we can't wait for them to come up with some new, steezy and technical gear. éS is and will remain core skateboarding, hell yeah.